Beyond Good & Evil 2: NX Exclusive?

The original Beyond Good & Evil (Xbox 360 version)

Who here played the original Beyond Good & Evil? Ahh, quite a few of you. Good.

Allow me to rephrase the question, who here BOUGHT the original Beyond Good & Evil when it first released on the PS2 and Xbox back in 2003? Nobody.. Oh, no.. You two at the back there, just as I thought…

Rumour has it that Nintendo is funding development on Beyond Good & Evil 2 which will come to the NX exclusively.  Destructoid, a well respected video game news website broke the rumours that this was the case last week (which you can read Here), however it was later revealed on their podcast that a member of Ubisoft had got in touch with Destructoid and asked the site to take down the article.  This isn’t concrete proof that BG&E2 is coming to the NX but it does strongly suggest that the game is coming to the NX exclusively.

Beyond Good & Evil has a dedicated fan base who have been shouting for a sequel for years (I’m one of them).  We all got excited when Ubisoft showed off a trailer for the sequel (Below) about 7 years ago now and when Ubisoft are asked about the project they shrug their shoulders and they are a bit skeptical to say anything about it apart from “What are you talking about? We didn’t show that.” which is really getting on my nerves now,


Bayonetta 2 on Wii U

Nintendo have pulled a stunt like this before when they announced Bayonetta 2 as a Wii U exclusive, the type of game that won’t move systems but if you own one and are into hack n slash games you really do need it in your library.  There was a lot of backlash when this decision was announced, butt hurt fans on the internet were whining about the game not coming to Xbox or PlayStation and all I can say is if you liked Bayonetta so much why didn’t you buy it?  That’s not to say that everybody complaining on the internet didn’t buy it but you can bet your bottom dollar the majority didn’t.  The reason why a Bayonetta sequel didn’t come is simply because it didn’t sell enough to warrant a sequel (Well, that’s my assumption), so Nintendo came in and saved the day and the fact is if Nintendo didn’t fund Bayonetta 2 it probably wouldn’t of seen the light of day.  The reason I mention this is because I’m concerned that when this announcement happens and if it does come to NX exclusively there will be a similar reaction from fans not wanting to buy an NX and they’ll take to Twitter and Youtube etc. to voice their opinion as opposed to you know… Buying the game in the first place, because what people don’t seem to realise is that sales matter in whether a game gets a sequel or not.

Final Summation

If Nintendo HAVE pulled this off it’s a massive coup for them, with Sony crushing the market at the minute and Microsoft having sold a fair few XBOX Ones as well, if Nintendo want the NX to succeed they’re going to need all the exclusives they can get and BG&E2 is a good way to start.

WheelJack xoxo


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