Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV – Reaction

Wednesday March 30th, Square Enix host a Final Fantasy XV event which will announce a lot of information (14 pieces to be precise) of the game and a release date… Finally!!

Sakaguchi Opened the Show and Showed a Trailer for the Game

The event was hosted by Kinda Funny duo, Gregg Miller and Tim Gettys, a weird decision because Gregg will openly say Final Fantasy has never clicked with him and Tim is a Final Fantasy fan boy, these two started the event after Hinobru Sakaguchi came out and introduced the event and spoke about how Final Fantasy was going to try and get back to its roots.  This is why I decided to bite the bullet and watch this (staying up till 5am in the UK thank you very much) because it’s Square trying to win back the old school Final Fantasy fans like myself, people who fell out of love with the series after the likes of XII and XIII (a trilogy nobody asked for).

The show started out with a new trailer for the game (above), now let me start off my saying this game has been in development for 10 years this year and it looks weird. Not bad, just weird.  As the game draws ever closer we’re starting to get a good idea of how the game feels and who’s who in the world of Final Fantasy XV.

After the trailer Tim and Gregg did a Kinda Funny Reacts which was a good nod to how Kinda Funny works and something a niche set of folk would understand, then Dave Fennoy got involved and the event kicked off.  There were 14 ‘announcements’ to make during this event which lasted approximately an hour.  The trailer was the second, and Sakaguchi opening the show was the first (that one doesn’t really count but whatever).

Yoshitaka Amano Produced Some Art for the Game

Amano, an artist with a history of producing killer Final Fantasy artwork produced a stunning piece for the game, which was that beautiful it even got its own trailer.

Florence and the Machine Did A Cover of “Stand By Me” for the Game

You can listen to this below, it’s a nice version of a killer track.

Gameplay Trailer Showcased

I’ve been swearing Final Fantasy off for years after nonsense and nonsense released from the series year after year, this was the trailer that brought me from “Nope.” to “Hmmm, okay, I guess I could give it a chance”.  It’s no surprise to anybody that knows me that my game of 2015 was The Witcher III… By a  mile and when I watch this trailer and it looks like a Witcher/Xenoblade hybrid then I start to see a glimmer of hope for a series which I thought was going way down hill with the recent attempts.  The whole vastness of the map being able to call a chocobo and the side quests you see out and about all over the place are points in the right direction and I’m not saying this game is going to be a stellar hit but I’m hoping out for at least “Good”.

Enviroment Footage

Of course this game looks good, it’s been in development for 10 years for fuck sake.

Final Fantasy XV: The Anime

This was a pretty cool announcement, FF XV will be getting its very own anime called Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XVBr to showcase how the 4 ‘Bros” came to be and their relationship prior to the game.  It will be a five part series with the first part released on YouTube pretty much straight away as they announced the series.. Short review: I quite enjoyed it, it’s not too shabby.

Oh, and a CGI Movie

Yep, Square are going all out on this. They are making a CGI movie entitle Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.  It will run side by side with the game and show us what King Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII, Noctis’ father is upto during the game.  An interesting idea and has potential to be kind of cool.

The Audi R8 is being made in a One Off Production

This car is going to be worth a shit load of cash, the R8 Noctis and his crew use in the game is being made and sorry, it’s not for sale.

The Audi R8 which will be featured in the game.

The CGI Movie will have a Stellar Cast

Lena Heady (Game of Thrones), Sean Bean and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) will all be voicing characters in the CGI movie, although the respected characters will have different voice actors in the game.

The Minigame will be on iOS and Android Soon

Final Fantasy is home to some awesome mini games like Blitzball, Tetra Master and Chocobo Racing etc. and FF XV will be no different, only difference is that the mini game to this game called Justice Monsters Five will be available on phones soon.  Justice Monsters Five is a pinball esque game which looks like a good time waster.

A New Demo Was Released There and Then

Platinum Demo: Final Fantasy XV is the title for the recent demo for the game, unlike Episode Duscae, Platinum Demo is its own entity whereas Episode Duscae was a part of the final product.  Platinum Demo takes place in main character Noctis’ childhood where he is dreaming and must find his safe place with Carbuncle’s help, you can unlock Carbuncle for the main game after completing the Platinum Demo.  I’ve played the Platinum Demo and my thoughts on the are coming soon.

SURPRISE: Collector’s Editions Announced

Of course you’re not surprised about this one.  There are two collector’s editions releasing for this game they are:

Deluxe Edition (£69.99):

  • Steelbook
  • Kingsglaive Blu-Ray disc
  • DLC nonsense nobody cares about

Ultimate Collector’s Edition (£189.99):

  • 2 steel cases showing all four main protagonists
  • Kingsglaive on Blu-Ray
  • Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV on Blu Ray
  • Special soundtrack Blu-Ray disc
  • Artbook
  • Exclusive Noctis Play Arts Kai figure
  • DLC nonsense nobody cares about

After the event I pre-ordered the deluxe edition, cause I’m a sucker for this shit.


After years and years the release date was finally announced, Final Fantasy XV will be released on September 30th 2016, a date which was accidentally leaked by Gamestop before hand but still, it’s going to be released this year ladies and gentlemen.

One More Thing…

The care flies… That was pretty much it for the “Secret” 15th announcement at the end.

That’s it, in my opinion Square did a good job in showcasing the game and potentially getting a few Final Fantasy fans of old back on board, not all of them, I’ll put my house on there being some purists out there who won’t even give this game a shot and that’s totally understandable, there have been a lot of deep cuts to hardcore fans and that’s cool.  To each his own.  Me on the other hand, like I said before and in previous posts, Final Fantasy was dead to me.. I don’t even know why I watched this but after watching this I hold out hope, I’ve been to the merchant and bought my phoenix down, I hope I get to use it, Final Fantasy is a game series so close to  my heart and all I want is a game that’s at least “Good” and we can go from there.

Anyway, I’ll tell you about the Platinum Demo soon.

WheelJack xoxo



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