Platinum (Tech) Demo – Reaction

At the recent Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event Square announced that there will be a playable demo of Final Fantasy XV called Platinum Demo: Final Fantasy XV.

The demo is not a part of the main game like Episode Duscai was and is a separate entity within its own right, a small sample depicting a dream main character Noctis has which takes place before the main game takes place, plus completing the demo is the only way to get the summon Carbuncle… So, there’s that.

Carbuncle from the Platinum Demo.

I completed the demo recently, it’s worth checking out, even if it’s just for the bants to be honest.  Platinum Demo is a million miles away from any sort of “Traditional” Final Fantasy game, I don’t even see why the words ‘Final Fantasy’ are of the case.  The battle system is pretty much Kingdom Hearts from what I remember, forgive me I haven’t played Kingdom Hearts for years, make of that what you will.  I feel the battle system could be more in depth within the final version of the game but within this demo, I was literally holding the circle button down and Noctis was rinsing the same attack and I was fine, It was only really when you got to fight the Iron Giant when I had to think about what I was doing.

The Iron Giant, a well known Final Fantasy enemy is the ‘Boss’ battle in this demo.

The demo as a whole serves no purpose, it’s purely decorative.  It links slightly to the main game and going back to Kingdom Hearts, there is one scene that looks like you’re playing the Alice in Wonderland level on Kingdom Hearts and it’s kind of weird, there was a split second where I thought I was playing Kingdom Hearts and that worries me, but anybody missing out on this demo but gets the main game won’t lose any sleep.  The game is very, very pretty though with hardly any noticeable frame rate dips.

As the title of this article suggests the whole thing feels like a tech demo, you have these platforms where you can change the weather effects for NO reason.  It has no consequence on anything whether it’s raining or sunny.  The enemies are called ‘Nightmares’ and as nice as they look, feel like they have no depth to the at all.

There’s not really much else to say about it, like I said in my last post I’m going to give this game a try, the Uncovered event was the right move to show the old school fans Square have lost that they hear us and are trying their best, however Kingdom Hearts-esque the game looks and feels.  The game’s set for a 30th September 2016 release on PS4 and Xbox One, I am so intrigued as to how this one will turn out, despite how worried I am about the Final Fantasy series as a whole.  I mean, one of my favourite games of all time is a Final Fantasy game.  I hope it’s good… I really do

WheelJack xoxo

PS Platinum Demo trailer below 😉



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