Call of Duty.

Another year, another Call of Duty, internet loses its mind and it ends up selling a shit load.  Pretty much the circle of life.

In case you missed it (which I’m sure you didn’t), there was a new Call of Duty announced a few weeks back I know you’re shocked n all that but there’s an interesting twist which I’ll get to in a sec.  You can watch the reveal trailer below.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer (SOURCE: Call of Duty)

What about that, hey?  That looked… Interested, people are against it being set in space, I think FPS’ set in space are cool but not for a Call of Duty game, it seems ever since Modern Warfare not counting a few entries the series has been going further and further into the future when fans seem to want a new World War II shooter.

Now I’m gonna throw some numbers at you.  At the time of writing this trailer is sitting at just over 23million views, a decent number for a Call of Duty game, yeah?  Well, let me throw a spanner in the works and tell you that the dislikes for this trailer are sitting at just over 2million.  In contrast the new Battlefield trailer dropped recently as well called Battlefield 1 and that trailer has 32million views with over 2million likes, barely any dislikes.

It appears Call of Duty is getting the bashing it’s deserved for a good few years now but if anybody thinks this is the gateway of taking Call of Duty off the map for at least a few years is gravely mistaken.  If Activision had given Call of Duty a bit of respect and not churned out one a year for the past however long it’s been we may feel a little bit different about it.  Similar to what Rockstar do with the Grand Theft Auto series where the instalments in the games are 4-5 years apart and not shoved down your throat every year and it shows with really polished games that people enjoy and they sell a bucketload of copies.

This trailer can have all the dislikes in the world at the end of the day Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is good for about 10-15 million copies sold.  Because gamers are weak, whether it’s the fear of “missing out” or having an undying love for a franchise (I know that feeling, it breaks my heart to see Final Fantasy in the state it’s in right now) or something else completely.  Gamers need to get their acts together, instead of being little babies and “disliking” a YouTube video, I bet a few quid that most of the people who disliked that video will end up buying that game.  You wanna hit Activision where it hurts?  Don’t buy their games, don’t watch their YouTube videos, (hate to be THAT guy but no views makes less money than millions of dislikes) just ignore them and you’ll soon see a change in the way they do things.  Similar things can be said for EA, Ubisoft and Warner Bros. but those are conversations for another time…  It’s like micro transactions, you don’t HAVE to buy them.

The new Call of Duty isn’t the only thing that’s boiled a lot of piss recently, Activision also announce they are releasing Modern Warfare Remastered! Rejoice, right? (Comparison video below) Apparently not, because you’ll only be able to play this if you buy the Legacy, Legacy Pro and Digital Deluxe editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which let’s face it, is a shitty move.  Maybe Activision have done some internal work and figured this will sell well enough to make money on, which leads me to my previous point, if you want Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, DO NOT buy the special editions of Infinite Warfare.  They’ll release it separately that way and you’ll be able to buy it without having to shell out for a special edition of a game you don’t want.

Modern Warfare Remastered comparison (SOURCE: ActionPacked)

Final Semation

I liked Call of Duty. Past tense, Call of Duty 2, Modern Warfare and World at War and all that are awesome FPS games.  It started to get annoying at Modern Warfare 3 and now it’s just getting ridiculous.  Are you as fed up of this than I am?  Send Activision a message, don’t buy Call of Duty and make them leave the franchise alone.  Imagine if it went away until next generation and they released a new World War II Call of Duty on PS5 n XBOX TWO (?) which feels fresh again. That’s exciting to me, but as things stand right now, fuck Call of Duty, fuck Activision and fuck you, the person that will buy Call of Duty no matter how much shit you talk about it.




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