E3 Predictions: Nintendo

With E3 right round the corner, at the time of writing it’s something like 9 or 10 days away.  It’s time to do one of my favourite past times, predict e3 hype.  I’m only gonna do the “Big” 3 (Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony) predicting 5 things for each company, I may do a miscellaneous one as well which will have many predictions in but we’ll see how we are for time.

My first predictions, the house of Mario.  Nintendo, still in purgatory between the Wii U and the yet to be announced Nintendo NX.  It’s my guess Nintendo were gearing up to reveal the NX at this year’s e3, but with the recent popularity of VR they delayed the system (and the reveal) till later this year to incorporate VR to the NX in one way or another.  The rumour is that’s the reason for the delay and I buy it to be fair.  So Nintendo can’t really announce too much I imagine.


Nintendo were originally only going to bring Zelda to e3 2016, but with fan feedback on the social networks seeming to be negative, they also have news on Pokemon Sun and Moon, Monster Hunter: Generations, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and Dragon Quest VII.  Which no matter how popular Zelda, Pokemon and Monster Hunter there and how good Dragon Quest VII is will they bring other games to the party?


No.  They can’t have many Wii U games in the pipeline and if they do they’re obviously NX bound as well.

  • NX Will Get Its own Event Later This Year

    I know, not really an e3 prediction but I’m making an exception because in my defence I think it was pretty obvious that the console was supposed to be at the event this year but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  The NX can have its own event on its own and make a splash that way instead of sitting besides everyone else screaming and shouting.  That being said, I think the date will be announced at e3, I’m going with November.

  • Wii U & 3DS price drops

    Not much more to say, there’s a chance they’ll do this at the NX event but it would kind of make sense to get this out of the way so you can have a sole NX event.

  • Nintendo Will Announce 2 Mobile Games

    Nintendo aren’t having a conference or a Direct so, I’m not sure where this will drop. The games will be Mario and Zelda and the Zelda game will coincide with The latest Zelda game and the Mario game will be out in the fall.  The Zelda one will drop next year.

  • There Will Be An NX Teaser Video of Some Sort

    This will be at the back end of e3, just to let people know that Nintendo have not forgotten about it and it’s coming with the caption “Revealed later this year” at the end or something.

  • Zelda Wii U/NX Will Be Game of the Show

    Bold statement I know, we haven’t see much of Zelda but what we have looks absolutely stunning, it’s obvious it’s open world judging by the look of it and people are being told to leave 90 minutes free in order to get the most out of the demo.  I don’t think it will be Skyrim: Zelda or Witcher: Zelda,  It will be less dense than them 2, it gets to a point then when you start to question if this is even a Zelda game but with the recent Zelda being sub par, the Nintendo fan boy resting in me is hopeful that this game will be at least great and I’m probably right about this.

The Legend of Zelda Wii U


This will be a lacklustre e3 from Nintendo bar the Zelda gameplay I believe, I love Pokemon and everything but I feel how I know how this will pan out, let’s face it.  The year of 2016 is the year of the NX and that’s getting announced later on this year so Nintendo just need to take the bashings they’re getting at the minute and come out with a bang when it’s ready. Oh, and it HAS to be up there with the PS4K and the XBOX 1.5 (I’ll get to them in my Microsoft and Sony predictions), if it comes out and it’s not at least hovering around these specs they should just can the NX and go third party, which of the past year or so I’ve come round to the idea.

I’ll do a NX prediction list thing closer to the time.


WJ xoxo



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