E3 Predictions: Sony

What can you say about Sony? They’re absolutely killing it.

Last year’s E3 from them was a hit, especially with the announcements of Final Fantasy VII: Remake and Shenmue III everybody got really excited, which they probably shouldn’t have because if Final Fantasy XV is anything to go by you won’t see Final Fantasy VII: Remake until at least 2020 and Shenmue III is looking kind of shoddy, but the fan service is there, people have been asking for this kind of thing for years and Sony, in particular have finally responded.  Throw in the re-reveal (that’s a word, right?) of The Last Guardian and it was probably the E3 conference of 2015, Bethesda killed it as well.



  • The Last Guardian will have a release window of the Fall of 2016

    This game will be an early game in the conference, probably the opening game if I’m going to play my cards from my hand.  There will be a live demo on stage a new trailer and at the end of the trailer the words “Fall 2016” will fade in and fade out.  A strong opening to the joy and dismay of some fans.  The joy because they will finally get to play it, the dismay because some people bought PS3s to play this game… A PS3!  Which leads me to the question (similar to MGS5) what the hell happened in order for the massive delay?  We know the delay with Final Fantasy XV, Square have lost the plot and have no idea what they were doing, but if you gave me an ultimatum and said you can know exactly what happened during the development of The Last Guardian and never be able to play it or play it and never know… I think I’d rather know what happened. It’s not going to be THAT good if ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are anything to go by.

    The Last Guardian screenshot
  • The Neo will be officially revealed, priced and be released this October

    Although Sony officially talked about the NeoSony officially talked about the Neo for the first time earlier today and said it won’t be at E3, I’m calling their bluff.  They will reveal Neo and there will be a some bollocks about “better looking games for a better future”, etc.  then we’ll hear a “all game footage you see throughout this presentation will be shown using Neo” they’ll announce a October release date.

  • God of War 4 will be shown and will demonstrate Neo’s power

    After the leaks that went around earlier this year of God of War 4 being real and being based on Norse mythology and Santa Monica being relatively quiet of late, I feel the time is now to show off the new God of War game.  They will show a live demo, it will be running on Neo and will have a release date of 2017.  Now, on a side topic I’m a little curious on how Sony will showcase the Neo without making the older model appear frail and weak.  It’s like “Hey, remember that old PS4 model you bought within the last 3 years, well here’s one that’s much more powerful and probably the same price as you paid or not that much more expensive”, Microsoft will have this problem as well.  It’s like how do you sell a new product like this and not alienate the 40Million people who already own a PS4, this is a bad idea and I genuinely believe you’ve got to dance with the people that brought you.  People have used the argument of how everyone upgrades their phones n that every 2 years or so but what they’re on a monthly contract, hardly anybody I know outright buys their phone for like £600 or so.  Anyway, I’m sure they’ll figure it out.  They’re a smart bunch.

A supposed leaked image from God of War 4
  • PlayStation VR is showcased… A lot

    With PSVR already being priced ($399) and dated (October), all they really can do with the PSVR is shove the shit down your throat and you can bet your bottom dollar that’s what they’re going to do.  They’ll mention it a shit load and every time a PSVR compatible game is shown (which will be a lot) they’ll be a water mark that will say something like “Used in PSVR” or something.  This is a given, Sony have new tech to sell.

PSVR promo, will be relased in October
  • They’ll be some trade-in system for you to get money off a Neo

    One of my predictions was going to be the delay of Horizon Zero Dawn into next year, that was announced earlier this week and I’ve decided to be a bit rambunctious with my predictions on Sony’s conference.  So, I’m going to say they will announce some kind of trade-in service in partnership with a select few retailers where if you trade your old PS4 in, you can have the Neo for £100-£150 ish off.  I’m not sure how they can work it but my prediction is the trade-in system.

  • A Legend Returns

    I know, this is the most outrageous prediction I’ve made but with the good will last year of Shenmue III and the ‘timed’ exclusivity of Final Fantasy VII: Remake it is time for Sony to put their money where their mouths are and give us a true Crash Bandicoot game… I mean a proper one, none of this Activision nonsense they spew out in the PS2 days.  I know he’s more likely to return as part of Skylanders but the world is ready for a new Crash Bandicoot game.

Come on, Sony….


There you have it, I may still have time to do a sort of miscellaneous one which will be live in time for Bethesda’s and EA’s conferences on Sunday.  But as for Sony, I think this is the direction they’ll go, they’ll get the Neo off the ground (probably piss everybody off), showcase some PSVR and announce a few more games.  I genuinely believe they don’t have any new IPs coming except Sony Bend’s ‘Dead Don’t Ride’ which they’ve been sitting on forever, that’ll possibly be there, apart from that it’ll be sequels and stuff we’ve seen before.


WJ xoxo



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