E3 Predictions: Miscellaneous

It’s nearly here folks… Just mere hours after writing this EA will kick things off with the first conference of E3, exciting times to be a gamer.  I’ve already made my predictions on Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo (some of which ruined by leaks but hey ho).  This article will be talking mostly about third parties and what they plan to show off, which potentially some second parties being mentioned.

Let’s begin.



Let’s just get one thing out of the way, EA’s conferences are the worst.  Remember last year when they went on about m0bile games for a good hour or so and Pele came out spoke about how good he was and how much more impressive FIFA 16 was going to be when released. Nonsense.  I expect this year to be no different, except the fact technically they aren’t attending E3 this year, they’re hosting their own event down the road called EA Play, with an alternate one in London for us beautiful Europeans.

I genuinely believe this year they’ve already played their hand with Battlefield 1 taking centre stage because that game’s absolutely killing it,  with a multiplayer “beta” probably announced alongside a trailer and some gameplay footage.

Mass Effect: Andromeda and Battlefront will be there with the third person action Star Wars game in development may get a mention.

They’ll bang on about how well their sports games are doing, especially FIFA, they’ll talk about that a lot with it being in the Frostbite engine and how it’s “new” and “improved” gameplay mechanics will take the series forward in every possible way, then they’ll balance everything and it’ll appear to be really similar to the last one.  Titan fall 2 will get looked at with a trailer a possible demo/beta etc. and apart from the mobile nonsense, I can’t see EA talking about anything else that these.

Mass Effect: Andromeda reveal from last year’s event

UPDATE: I didn’t get this finished in time for the EA Play event and I was sort of right except the fact they showed no Star Wars gameplay or Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay, they talked about Madden 17 IN LONDON, they talked about FIFA 17 announcing it has a story mode, Jose Mourinho came out it was awesome.  TitanFall 2 was announced and yes it has a single player campaign and Battlefield 1 looks awesome.  EA host the worst conferences…


If the  leaks are true, then Bethesda are going to storm it again this year.  If you can’t be arsed to click the link then allow me to explain.  Prey 2 getting resurrected, The Evil Within 2, a follow up to Wolfenstein: The New Order, Dishonored 2 (duhhhhh), TES V: Skyrim Remastered…

Emily Kaldwin, playable character from the upcoming game, Dishonored 2

That is a pretty decent list and I’d say the only thing that looks a bit sketchy there is Prey 2.  That game’s been in development forever although I think Bethesda might pick it up, I’m just thinking if it would be worth their while?  Anyway, my predictions are I’m going with the leaked games, a cop out I know but ya gotta hand it to Bethesda if that’s the case. A solid show.  Plus they’ll talk about how well Fallout 4 has done and all that and Elder Scrolls VI is fucking years away.


Watch Dogs 2.  After watching the trailer I have come round to the idea of liking this game, it looks good.  Only problem is so did the first game.  They’ll go on about The Division and how popular that game is and announce the release date for the new DLC.  Assassin’s Creeed will get NO mention because it’s a steaming pile of shite, Rayman is a shout but I think they’re done with that for a bit after the fantastic Rayman Legends we haven’t really heard much, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is an NX game (I’m calling it now), Matt Stone and Trey Parker will give us an update on the new South Park game South Park The Fractured but Whole (awesome name) with a 2016 release date, For Honor will be looked at again with a release date of 2017 but it will be pushed back at least once, and finally Ghost Recon: Wildlands will get a new trailer, gameplay and probably a beta of some sort and a 2017 release date.

A shot revealed last year for South Park The Fractured But Whole

It’ll be a pretty solid show from Ubisoft, it usually is…  They need fresh meat though, as it’s been proven they can’t rely on Assassin’s Creed every year.


They’ll be at Microsoft’s conference banging on about how Call of Duty in space is the next step in making the series fresh and new again, when we all know it will just be a re-skin of Modern Warfare 2, they’ll try and sell us the “Prestige Editions” of the game because of the Modern Warfare remastered is only playable through those editions, a risk indeed but it’s going to be interesting to see if it pays off, people slag CoD off till the cows come home and buy it regardless, it’s going to be fascinating to see how well this one sells. I don’t care how many dislikes the trailer has on YouTube, Infinite Warfare will sell a fuck load.

Destiny will be talked about a lot, they’ll go on about the new expansion, Rise of Iron and maybe, just maybe, they’ll tease Destiny 2 and with a team of writers who are proven to have good writing abilities on board now Destiny 2 might have a bit of depth about it.

Oh, and Crash Bandicoot will be in Skylanders.  I know in my Sony predictions I said Crash will come back… I really want a new (good) Crash game, but I don’t see it happening… This is the more likely.

CD Projekt RED

Clearly announcing Cyberpunk 2077 too early, that won’t be there again.  They’ll talk about how well Witcher III has done and the only game they’ll show there is the Gwent spin off title.

A leaked logo for a possible new game based on Gwent from The Witcher III


There are 2 reasons Capcom will be at E3, to destroy Mega Man’s fans dream by announcing a game to coincide with his anime he’s got coming and to announce Resident Evil 7, rumoured to be a reboot of the series probably called “Resident Evil” and Capcom will announce this at Sony’s conference… They’ll also try and claim Street Fighter V is a worthy purchase.


It’s there job to take the limelight off Square and Final Fantasy XV with showing off how good Persona 5 looks.  I thought they were going to be cheeky and release Persona 5 in September with FF XV but they’ve had to delay it until next year.

Warner Bros. Interactive

Don’t even get me started on Warner Bros. EA get a lot of flack but these deserve it 10 times worse.. Horrible company.  What do I predict?  They’ll go into more details with Injustice 2 and maybe, just maybe announce a new Batman title or a Justice League game… It’s too early for Mortal Kombat XI.

A leaked photo of Injustice 2 promotional material


I could go on all day so I’m going to stop there.  I couldn’t quite finish this post in time for EA play, I was kind of right with that… Anyway, I’ve kept you long enough.  Have a nice E3 🙂

WJ xoxo


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