REVIEW: Suicide Squad

For those that want me to sum up Suicide Squad in one word here ya go:


Now for those that want a more in depth analysis, let’s go.

Even when Suicide Squad was first announced I had my doubts, when Jared Leto was announced as The Joker and all hell broke loose on Twitter when that first image was revealed Leto as a tattooed ‘thug’ looking Joker in a pose which wasn’t too different from the Arkham Asylum Joker from the Graphic Novel that shares the same name, you kinda just knew the way this movie was going.

First shot of Jared Leto as The Joker which broke Twitter back in 2015.

As a film, it’s just a congregated mess of nonsesical action which wouldn’t look out of place in a Micheal Bay movie, a cast of characters which are (for the most part) so poorly portrayed it’s almost a joke, that being said some of the actors are decent enough I just don’t think the script/plot was any good in the first place.  Warner Bros. were clearly concerned after the critical bashing Batman V Superman recieved which is why they did some reshoots, I realise it’s common for a film to get reshoots but this is WB clearly trying their best to save this film, if it even needed saving in the first place.

The characters make a strange bunch (I guess that’s the point), but some of the actors are forgetable.  Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn is a good rendition of the character which is sort of ruined by her attire, Robbie portrayed the Joker obsessed villainess well the 30 seconds of the film the cinematography isn’t sexualising her arse and chest and all that, not that I have anything against looking at Margot Robbie’s beautiful back side it’s just I felt there was more depth to that character than that.  If you keep yourself open minded and out of Heath Ledger’s arse (I’m not saying he wasn’t amazing), Jared Leto wasn’t too bad, although there wasn’t anywhere near enough of him in this picture, which is a kick in the teeth considering he’s all over the trailers and promo material for Suicide Squad. Similar to how in Godzilla 2014 sold you the whole Bryan Cranston as Walter White v Godzilla in all the promo stuff and when it panned out, well… I won’t spoil it for you. Will Smith was a decent Deadshot dealing with the drama of his ex wife and the fragile nature of his teenage daughter.  The rest of the cast were to me just fillers for the “Stars” of the show.  Is the racist card going to be played when Will Smith isn’t nominated for an academy award for his portrayal of Deadshot… Probably, it’s 2016 after all.

The plot was abysmal, I literally just watched it and I’d find it hard to explain what happpened and why they were doing what they were doing.  The script like I said earlier was manure, okay a few one liners made me laugh but apart from that it was all drivel, I had no sense of goal for the characters.  A few had some traumatic events in their back story with family deaths and unfortunate events etc. but I never really felt any emotions for the characters which is probably the reason I was switched off for most of the film and felt stoic througout the entire experience.

This film was not helped by the amount of hype around it, this was supposed to be DC’s answer to Guardians of the Galaxy but it falls short in almost every category.  Maybe Guardians of the Galaxy is so fondly looked at because there was virtually zero hype around it, but this isn’t the case, if you showed these two films to random people on the streets who somehow haven’t heard of either would probably say GotG is a better movie.  There was a news story about Suicide Squad every week for well over a year, whether it was about Jared Leto and his method acting, another photo of Margot Robbie looking HOT as Harley Quinn and the whole reshoot fiasco and all that, I would of loved to see the film David Ayer wanted to make without any interferances from his superiors, who knows, he may of been able to save this shit show.

Some of the Suicide Squad from left to right; Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Katana, Rick Flag, Deadshot and Boomerang.

Of course, this film is a hit because it made an asinine amount of money at the box office so far and it will probably make a shit load more before it leaves cinema.  This is another problem I have with comic book adaptions, it’s all about the money and less about the art of making a good film.  Which is far enough, it is a business after all but  I guarantee people like this film no matter how much it gets panned and how shit it is and believe me, that’s fine, too each his own I guess, but why settle for shit these companies shove down your throat when awesome comic book films DO exist and CAN be made, The Dark Knight, The Avengers and Scott Pilgrim to name a few.  But they’ll make a sequel and more shit and we’ll all go and watch it, and Warner Bros. will make more money and repeat.  It’s just the world we live in.

Overall I felt this movie was amateurish from the editing which is borderline atrocious, to the point where it wouldn’t look out of place if I told you I did it.  Some of the song choices although all the songs in this film are brilliant, they just don’t fit, listen out for Eminem’s ‘Without Me’ and you’ll catch my drift.  One of it’s biggest problems is that I felt they tried to create an aethestic for this film and designed the characters around the aesthetic of the film when I feel the film would of benefitted if all the characters were individually designed and then put together in the dysfunctional way that the Suicide Squad is supposed to be.  If that was the case, we may be having a different conversation.


WJ xoxo

PS. The most disturbing thing about this film is that my friend turned to me after the film and said Batman V Superman was worse, which being somebody having not seen BvS concerns me.



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