Nintendo Switch Reveal Analysis

So it finally happened, after 18 months of conjecture and rumours, Nintendo decided to finally showcase the reveal trailer for their upcoming system The NX, which has been named the Nintendo Switch and it can be seen below…


Looks pretty cool, huh?


It’s no secret that the Nintendo Switch’s thing is the ability to play full blown (ish) console experiences on the go with what looks like the ability to pick up where you left off which to me sounds exciting.  The ability to take a console Zelda out and about with me, none of this Phantom Hourglass nonesense , not that Phantom Hourglass was bad or anything but I know the Zeldas I’d rather be playing, especially on a train or plane or something.  But with all the rumours that went around over the past few months, we already knew that, didn’t we?  Plus there is absolutley NO sign of Wii marketing anywhere which gives you an idea of what Nintendo are going for.  With it being a portable/console hybrid this is probbaly the innevitable end to the Nintendo 3DS as well.


The controllers looks like a normal controller for the first time since about 2003 which for Nintendo is a step in the right direction and keeping in line with the portability thing Nintendo seem to be gong for with the Switch, with the ability to seamless ‘split’ the controller if you will, using devices called Joy-Cons which will attach either side of the tablet.  Cool looking but will probably get lost easily, which will make it all the better to play multiplayer I like the idea but I’m old school when it comes to stuff like this so a normal looking controller, like the PS4 and XBONE controller will do, they’ve done it with the pro controller but I highly doubt that’ll come bundled in the box.



Nintendo Switch Partners

Here’s where the magic NEEDS to happen, the Wii U, although had its fair share of good games (around the 10 mark), fell well short of third party exclusives or barely any third party support at all, it got worse the day the Wii U released and Rayman Legends got pulled as a Wii U exclusive and delayed for a few months so Ubisoft could port the game for virtually every other platform.  That being said the third party list for supporters of the Switch is impressive including Bethesda, From Software and Ubisoft to name a few.

A still from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The fact that Nintendo are hanging on to the threads of anything decent they had on the Wii U is smart, both Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon were showcased in the trailer and both games appear to be upgraded versions of already great games, with Splatoon appearing to have new maps and new hairstyles and accessories etc and Mario Kart 8 which has the ability to hold two items and a new character in King Boo, this and the new Zelda still looks great.  The Nintendo Switch could have other games ported over from Wii U with Smash Bros. & Super Mario Maker also rumoured to be in development which is a smart move if true, upgraded versions of those two games would be another check in the box to get a Nintendo Switch.

Oh… And a brand new Mario game was shown off in the trailer. No big deal.


Now, it’s not all singing and dancing. Nintendo decided to emit a lot of information from this tease, including the following:

  • Pricing, my guess would be approx £300
  • Specs, Nvidia has a chip inside which makes this the only home console powered by them but they’re is literally nothing on the power of the system. Worrying
  • Battery life, this is a deal breaker for most people, what if it has half an hour battery? What would be the point in owning one of these things?

If video game PR has taught me anything over my lifetime, being a part of it is that Nintendo have got to get the bad news out of the way as soon as possible, with the tease appearing to do well, everyone is all excited about The Switch and the arch of the hype will go up and up, if Nintendo save the bad news up until a week or two before the console releases it could jeopardise the system before it’s even released with the hype derailing and the average person turning off and even the most hardcore fan bailing.  On the other hand if they get the bad news out of the way soon, the hype has a chance and it will be potentially how it is now.

Final Summation

Nintendo has stated it will not discuss the Nintendo Switch until next year which if you ask me is a big fucking mistake, they need to get this in peoples hands and they need to announce the price, specs and the actual day so people know that they’re in for, they can’t leave people wondering for much longer.  Im pretty sure Nintendo only debuted this video because they had their quarterly shareholder meeting is (at the time of writing) next week so maybe this was a bit premature.

At least we know what the NX is now, whether it will be a hit or not remains to be seen… It’ll almost definitely sell better than the Wii U, but that is the bare minimum at this point, but you already knew that.  We’ll just have to wait until next year.

WheelJack xoxo

PS Since the video has been released Nintendo’s stock dropped 7%, not too much to worry about it’s probably the share holders worrying, let’s not forget this happened to Sony and Microsoft respectively when the Xbox One and PS4 were announced.





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