In no way shape or form have I played enough PSVR to give a full review of the hardware, but I’ve had a bit of time with the unit and here are my thoughts….

Last week I went to a friends house for a Chinese and low and behold his brother had a PSVR unit so naturally as somebody into video games I had to give it a go.  I didn’t play too long, about 60-90 minutes in total.

So, after the faff of setting it up he shoved me into the London Heist game, it was the final third of the game I played through (it wasn’t very long).  It started we were driving down a highway in a shoot out after a bit of dialogue from the guy driving the car.  The game felt very tech demoey, it did feel a bit dodgy but I did feel immersed in the game, it genuinely felt like I was there shooting at the enemy and when I hung my head out of the window and I actually felt nauseous, I can’t explain it.

London Heist, VR.

After I finished London Heist, I jumped into Batman Arkham VR, now if you have a PSVR, this is the game you show off when your friends come round, it feels so good.  You actually feel like Batman with all your gadgets and again, you can hang off the edge of a high building in the menu and I felt nauseous again.  Mark Hamill does a fantastic job as The Joker, he gets in your face and I did feel uncomfortable a few times.  After this I played Resident Evil 7’s Kitchen demo, which is freaky and gives me hope for Resident Evil 7 for PSVR.

The Joker in Arkham VR, played by Mark Hamill

As for where I stand on VR, I genuinely believe it has legs, although it does depend on how well it sells.  If it doesn’t sell well, Sony and other companies aren’t going to try and save a sinking ship.  As things stand VR is for the “hardcore” crowd with a high price tag and in my opinion, no killer app, it’s going to be difficult for the average consumer to get into VR at the current time but when the hardware becomes more affordable and more games come out we may see an influx in sales for the VR units.  Only time will tell.


The reason I haven’t got one yet is simply because for me, there’s no killer app for it yet, there’s only Batman Arkham VR for me and that’s only a 90 minute job.  It’s just a bunch of tech demos and if VR is not careful it’ll be the next Wii, when I say that I mean these “filthy casuals” will buy it, play it for a week or two and then it will get banished to the cupboard for all eternity, that being said it may be to expensive for that.

Under no circumstances is this going to replace the controller we know and love, I think we’ll still be sat in front of our TVs in 100 years using a controller, I just don’t see it going away, VR is just a new way to play.

For the record I do like VR I just don’t think it has legs at the moment, I can’t explain how it feels so I recommend just trying it for yourself.

WheelJack xoxo


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