PlayStation Experience 2016: Highlights and How Good was The Show?

After the abysmal show which was the PS4 Pro reveal, I was a bit trepidatious about PSX this year, would Sony be able to bring the goods to the table?  Would they spread themselves too thin and show the same games over and over again? The answers no, they smashed it.

The Keynote

The keynote started as any good video gaming keynote should with a game trailer, which showcased the new Uncharted 4 single player content which looks like it could be interesting featuring Chloe as the main character and Nadine of all people in support.  After the trailer was showcased Shaun Layden took centre stage and did his thing and then he was followed up by another game announcement in the name of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, which looks good but was no surprise because it was leaked beforehand.

A still from the remastered intro from Crash Bandicoot.

Throughout the whole show Sony revealed a few remasters in Parappa The Rappa which is getting a 20th anniversary remaster and a demo which is on the PSN Store now, Wipeout Omega Collection which appears to be Wipeout HD, Wipeout HD Fury and Wipeout 2048 which is cool, people like Wipeout.  Then came the only “remaster” you need to care about.. Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy was officially unveiled as remake of the PSOne Crash games remade from the ground up for PS4 and it looks amazing if I do say the least.

Parappa The Rappa on PS4.

They talked a bit about Call of Duty and Destiny before moving onto a game which has me really intrigued, Resident Evil 7.  After the shocking Resident Evil 6 and lacklustre Resident Evil 5 somebody at Capcom played PT and thought to themselves “Oh, that’s what we’re doing wrong” and then Sony turned up, flashed a few quid in their face and was like “Fully playable in PSVR” and it’s out in January.  Which seems quite close but I’m gonna give em the benefit of the doubt here, I can’t wait to play.

Then what I consider the filler of the show happened, when the spoke about Ace Combat 7 (I know, right?), Akuma in Street Fighter V and the Last Guardian (FINALLY) before introducing even more remasters in the name of Parappa the FUCKING Rappa, Loco Roco and Patapon, with Parappa the Rappa 20th anniversary remaster getting a demo (which still sucks) a lot of people like it and I hope it does well, you assume that Sony are testing the water with all these remasters to see which IPs can live again without pumping too much money into a new game and watching it bomb.

This brings us to our next announcement NOBODY asked for, Knack 2.  I know what you’re thinking, “Knack sold well so why wouldn’t they make a sequel?” I’ll tell you why, cause it’s shit.  The only reason it sold well is because PS4 was a hit at launch and not there were too little games out for it it’s just there wasn’t a massive choice, so as a christmas present for a child, Knack looked like a shout to a parent regardless of it being awful.

Gran Turismo made an appearance after Gravity Rush 2 which both look fine, not a fan of either to be fair but my money’s on a Gran Turismo delay.  This was before Ni No Kuni 2 was showcased with a new trailer, this is the sequel to the best JRPG on the PS3 and I hope it’s good, the first one fell off course about 2/3’s of the way through but it’s still a solid game, hopefully it’s just as good.

Nex Machine, a spiritual successor to Resogun.

They showed a lot at this year’s PSX so I’m gonna speed things up the games you need to look out for are New Machina (easily one of the games of the show) which is developed by Housemarque and Eugene Jarvis, so it’s pretty much a guarantee of quality there, Pyre was there, Supergiant Games new game, I loved Bastion and Transistor so I’m in, and you should be too.  Windjammers is coming back on PS4 and Vita which is massive , The Show ’17 looks good and Horizon Zero Dawn looks like it could be Sony’s next really big IP, but I really don’t like Killzone, it was all mouth and no trousers and with it being developed by the same guys I hope it doesn’t follow suit.

Oh, and the ended with a teaser for The Last of Us Part II, a cracking show.

Ellie and Joel from The Last of Us Part II.


Final Summation

A great show from Sony, which after the awful PS4 Pro thing they had is a sigh of relief for them, if they can keep this consistency up every year I can see PSX lasting a long time.  The show slumped a bit in the middle but there were many strong announcements.  The other problem is that PSX is another show and it runs the risk of them spreading themselves too thin with e3, Gamescom etc. are they gonna have enough bang to knock them all out of the park, if not, which ones do they drop?  A few tidbits were missing from here, like God of War  and all that so that suggests they’ll be okay for now.

The future’s looking bright for Sony, with Nintendo hanging on by a thread (just go third party FFS) and Microsoft digging as deep as they can but ultimately coming up short this time around, they’re in a good place, I just hope they don’t get cocky like they did when they first released the PS3 which kicked an Xbox 360 shaped whole in the company for years before eventually catching up.

Forza Sony and all that…

WheelJack xoxo


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