Fanboyism At Its Finest


You may know what’s coming. On March 3rd Nintendo officially launched the Nintendo Switch (#NXForever) which I’ll get to a first impression post soon but something about the fore coming topic rubbed me the wrong, along with only a few games but one notable game — The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild — which had its fair share of love to put it mildly, from the critics. The new Zelda is currently sitting  on a rather impressive score of 97 on review aggregator site, Metacritic, which is nothing to shake a stick at.

However, it WAS sat at an even more impressive 98 at one point but on March 12th, Jim Fucking Sterling Son had his say on the game and well, let’s just say the Zelda Zealot Crew weren’t too impressed with his score of 7/10. I mean, how dare the man have an opinion different to yours…. On a videogame.

Before I go any further I just want to clarify that I personally don’t agree with Sterling’s final verdict of the game but I feel the guy raises some valuable points.

I won’t go into detail on the review itself, it’s the reaction it got out of a specific group of… Well idiots if I’m going to be honest with you. He received some vile comments, death threats and to put the icing on the cake, his site suffered from a DDoS attack which basically means people deliberately overload a website with traffic to crash it and prevent other people from accessing it until the problem is fixed (No danger of that here 😉 Haha… ha), because he gave Zelda a 7, a fucking SEVEN, which is not a bad score, it means he thought it was a good game but flawed.

All right Mariah, calm down. Some of the vile threats Jim received for his review.

His review mentions objective comments on how the game plays and runs on Nintendo’s new system, what the world is like and the characters and story arc etc. with some subjective critiques of the game for example how he hates the weapon durability system which for even the people who absolutely love this game can more than likely get behind.  The review was finished off and within mere minutes he was lambasted by the Hardcore Nintendo fanbase who will cyber attack anybody who dare give their precious shiny new Zelda game anything lower than full marks, of course I don’t mean all of em, the vast majority of us are reasonable human beings who can agree to disagree on the finer things in life.

More bullshit, the username says it all really…

It’s like these people are religious extremists and how dare somebody besmirch their deity, Zelda with their slanderous filth.. Pathetic. Having a hissy fit because somebody else has a different opinion from yours, on a video game by the way.  Going totally batshit crazy because he hasn’t blown smoke up a video game’s arse like you, acting like a priest in the 1500’s when you tell him you aren’t a believer. Totally unacceptable and the people responsible need to give it a rest and think about why they think this is OK.

Some of the comments even questioned Jim’s hatred for Nintendo (google it) and even said that he deliberately gave Breath of the Wild a lower score to bring the Metacritic average score down because God forbid he have his own opinion on a game… You can believe that if you but get fucking real.

It’s funny cause every time I think we’re getting past stuff like this and video games can be thought about in the same vein as books and film, something like this happens.  It’s always video games, remember when Empire gave that really well hyped film 3 stars and they got a DDoS attack and death threats and all that. Of course you don’t, because that’s not how humans behave and that’s not how us as “gamers” should behave. Stuff like this really makes me ashamed to be a “gamer”, a term which annoys me a bit, because this gets around the web on respectable social media outlets and then the general public’s perception of gamers being dimwitted, mard arses who live in their mum’s basement is pretty much accurate and that’s just not true, I know plenty of gamers who don’t fit into that stereotype and NONE of them would even dream of hailing hurtful abuse at somebody for disagreeing with them about this subject.


What can I say?

The behaviour shown from the Nintendo elitist here is out of order. Video games will never be taken seriously by the general public if this is the childish behaviour we show towards a well respected industry critic and each other for that matter, I’m down for banter but this is just toxic and needs to stop. Video game developers are rarely interviewed on prime time TV or whatever, whereas movie stars, directors and critics are interviewed all the time, as much as I feel the game audience is on YouTube and Twitch, getting regular video game updates which don’t include the new release of a console or video game violence influences violence in real life (don’t even get me started), video games as a medium will never evolve. As much as people think they’re quite happy with video games not being mainstream, to keep progressing video games are going to need a bigger and bigger income because these games are getting expensive to make but that’s a conversation for another day.

Why can’t we have civil debates about how we disagree on the quality of a game? The example that comes to mind for me is Axiom Verge. I fucking love Axiom Verge and when I read Marty Silva’s IGN review and he gave it a 7.9, I gasped in disbelief, respected his opinion and agreed to disagree because in my mind that game is at least a 9 if you want to put a number on it. What I didn’t do was create a new account and troll him with vile messages and death threats.

For the record I love the new Zelda, but I’m not gonna cry about one person’s view on it, the game has over 40 perfect scores on Metacritic, the stupidity of people baffles me at times.

One day we’ll have a civilised society on the web, one day.

WheelJack xoxo


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