Power Rangers REVIEW

You’ll have noticed a trend of reboots and remakes like TMNT, Transformers, Ghostbusters etc. so you’ll be forgiven for thinking that it’s in the middle of the 90’s and not 2017. When this was announced however, I was sceptical until I saw that first trailer (below).  It look gritty and I genuinely thought that it could be the real deal because let’s face it, Power Rangers was cheesy childish nonsense… But I fuckin’ used to love it as a child and the Green Ranger was my dude, although I did stop watching it when Zeo and Turbo came along, I was out but to this day it has a passionate fanbase to which I could not believe.

I still think to this day it has a promising story arch it just hasn’t been given justice yet.

The Rangers

The Rangers themselves are the reboot of the OG Rangers of 1993, they’re Jason, Billy, Zack, Kimberly and Trini respectively. However, there is a bit of a mix up seeing as though the OG Rangers were shall we say stereotypical. The Black Ranger was the black dude, the Yellow Ranger was the Asain and the Pink Ranger was the girl. If that happened today the SJWs would have a few things to type about it so they did the right thing and swapped them, now the asian is a guy and the Black Ranger, the black dude is now the Blue Ranger but Kimberly is still the Pink Ranger, which I don’t have a problem with but bet your arse somebody does.

The Actual Movie

The new Rangers (right) compared to the OG ones from the early 90’s

The film starts off promising with wise cracks and these random events which eventually will lead these kids into saving the world, all the Rangers are portrayed really well with their own personality with Billy (RJ Cyler) who steals the show in my opinion, it’s kind of like Chronicle but with Power Rangers in.  Bryan Cranston does a decent job as Zordon who to be honest with you starts out as a bit of a prick, Elizabeth Banks who plays the legendary villainess Rita Repulsa and absolutely takes hold of it and moulds her into something spectacular and to be honest kind of creepy.

The franchise as a whole has been rebooted with this movie with the series carrying on on a separate timeline, certain aspects have been changed completely or have been filled up to make a more complete experience, like Zordon’s back story for example has been explained slightly and you find out in the first opening minutes why him and Rita have this beef, instead of it just being told to you and you accepting it, it sort of gives her wanting to “destroy the world” more relevance and you can understand her actions.

Elizabeth Banks as Rita (right) compared to her OG counterpart

The only problem with this film is that when the Power Rangers FINALLY morph, the wait isn’t worth the pay off, I think they don’t look too bad even though yes, they look like Iron Man prototypes, when they’re in the film and doing their thing it’s all right to be fair. The Zords were teased when they’re training and you think “Oh yes, it’s going to kick off when they come into it”, and it doesn’t, there’s a bit of a scrap and it sort of fades towards the end of the fight, I don’t think there is a clear shot of them which is a real shame because they are quite well designed from an OG fan perspective. Goldar sucks, I’m sorry, Goldar used to be my dude but in this he seems like he’s a dimwitted henchmen whereas in the OG he had his own personality and thought for himself.

I haven’t watched OG Power Rangers in about 15 or so years and even I noticed some nods to its former glory, I’m not going to spoil them but there were at least five I noticed (not to mention a certain Hasbro product nod).


I’m not gonna say anything ridiculous and be like Power Rangers is this generations Citizen Kane or Shawshank Redemption, because it’s clearly not.  But taking a much beloved product and turning it into something that in my opinion is well worth watching if you were/are a fan is a positive on Saban’s front, however putting it toe to toe with Beauty and the Beast was a wrong move in my eyes, they should of sat on it another month or two. That being said it’s a lot better than that Transformers nonsense thats’ shoved down our throats every three years or so.

There are still some unanswered questions (Green Ranger anyone?) but I’m sure they’ll get answered because there is a 6 (SIX) movie deal in place…. I’m not joking.

3* (outta 5)


  • Cast have character
  • A half decent Power Rangers movie in 2017
  • Funny
  • Blue Ranger


  • Bland in places
  • Falls off a cliff when they morph
  • Goldar
  • Lack of Zords
  • No matter how hard you try the OG Megazord will always reign supreme
  • No Green Ranger….

WheelJack xoxo

PS.  After credits scene was hype.


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